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Join us in February 2024 for a 3-workshop series via ZOOM

February 13, 20 & 27, 7-9pm Eastern Time

FREE Registration provided by NOFA-NJ

Interactive workshops for farmers who want to leverage grant funding to grow their farm business. The workshop series is open to all participants. You do not need to be a NOFA-NJ member to participate in the workshops.

What is the training? A live, online workshop series held via Zoom on the grant writing process followed by 4 hours of 1 to 1 grant writing coaching for up to 25 workshop participants who are active NOFA-NJ members.  The workshop series will provide the foundation for farmers to begin writing their own grant proposal. 

The series will address: 

  • Workshop 1- 90 minutes Grants 101 Tuesday, February 13, 7:00-8:30pm
    • Business readiness 
    • Your business versus the project
    • What makes a project suitable for grant funding? 
    • Overview of standard grant application components
    • Funding opportunities that are relevant to farmers in NJ
      • Value-added producer grant
      • NE-SARE
      • FACT
      • Plus others
    • Who should be in your network when you start writing an application?
  • Workshop 2- 120 minutes- How to get your project funded: making the compelling case  Tuesday, February 20, 7:00-9:00pm
    • Making your project relevant to the funder
    • Justifying your project with data
    • Articulating the impact of the project (to your business, to your community, to initiatives that the funder cares about)
    • Writing measurable outcomes
  • Workshop 3- 120 minutes- How to get your project funded: knowing your project inside and out Tuesday, February 27, 7:00-9:00pm
    • Timeline development
    • Budgeting
    • Your project narrative- what to include and what to skip
    • Additional materials: business plan, feasibility study, financial statements
    • The icing on the cake: Letters of Support/Commitment, Resumes
    • What happens when you get funded
  • One-to-one coaching- 25 participants who complete the 3-workshop series and are active NOFA-NJ members are eligible to get up to 4 hours of 1 to 1 coaching on their grant application development. All coaching sessions are held via Zoom and offered March through June.

Who is this for? This workshop series is tailored to farmers that own or operate an agricultural business. NOTE: You do not need to be a NOFA member to attend the workshop series. The grant writing concepts are relevant for non-profit organizations; however, the funding opportunities and details of the writing process will be focused on agricultural businesses. Participants should have a basic understanding of their own agricultural business, especially with respect to production methods and areas for growth or improvement.  Participants do not need to have a specific funding opportunity identified or a specific project outlined.  However, a basic project idea will be the basis for contextualizing the activities included in workshops 2 and 3. For example, if you were given $25,000 to expand or improve your farm operation in only one aspect, how would you spend that money?  Your answer will point you in the direction of a “project.”

Participants who wish to utilize the 1 to 1 coaching offered March through June 2024 need to be active NOFA-NJ members.

What will you gain? This workshop series will provide a practical education for understanding the components of a successful grant application and highlight current funding opportunities that are relevant to agricultural businesses in New Jersey. You’ll also apply the concepts in the training to a project that is relevant to your faming operation. During workshops 2 and 3, you’ll actually start writing parts of a grant application.  When you finish the 3-workshop series, you will be ready to write a complete grant application to fund your project.  

The 1 to 1 coaching for NOFA-NJ members will provide you with individualized help and feedback as you continue to write your grant application. This can include guidance on where to focus your time and energy in the writing process and feedback on your applications components including the budget, narrative, and supporting materials, proof reading, and more.

FREE Registration provided by NOFA-NJ

This workshop series and coaching opportunity is funded by NOFA-NJ in collaboration with Growing Brilliance LLC. Workshops and coaching are hosted by Maria Stewart, PhD, owner of Growing Brilliance.  Maria has 20 years of experience with grant writing.  She has obtained over a half million dollars in grant funding for her own dairy farm as well as other agricultural businesses in the mid-Atlantic region.  She will share her expertise during the workshops and provide personalized grant writing coaching during the 1 to 1 coaching sessions.

Questions? send them to hello at growingbrilliance dot net