Grant Writing with Growing Brilliance

The January Grant Guide for Farmers is Published!

Grant Writing Coaching

You do most of the writing, and we keep you on track. We provide feedback on your narrative, budget, timeline, and supporting documents. This builds your own skills while you write. We’re your accountability partner to get your proposal written on time. The project length is 6 to 8 weeks.  During this time we will have

  • Weekly web conference meetings (up to 6 one hour meetings)
  • Selected documents are reviewed with light edits and feedback for revisions
  • Shared files via Google Drive
  • Your newly polished skill set for effective grant writing

Pricing starts at $900 for up to 8 weeks of engagement.  

Full Service Grant Writing

This takes the burden of writing off of your shoulders. You share your vision and objectives for the plan of work, and we’ll organize it into an effective grant proposal. The client is responsible for submitting the grant proposal to the funding agency. Additional support for the submission is available at no extra cost, if the funding agency requests additional information. Project duration is typically 8 to 12 weeks. This package includes:

  • Weekly web conference meetings
  • Shared Files via Google Drive
  • A complete grant proposal with documents in both editable (.docx/.xlsx) and noneditable (.pdf) formats

Pricing starts at $3750. Price structure is dependent on scope of grant and client preparation at the time engagement begins. Please contact us for more information on cost.

grant writing meeting with a farmer